“Morning” Sickness

All-the-time sickness is more like it, as any pregnant woman will tell you, except maybe those that don’t have it, but it is just easier for me to believe that everyone suffers like me. My morning sickness experience consists of mostly constant nausea, punctuated by bouts of indigestion. Oh and my gag reflex is more sensitve, fun fun!

The only things that seem to help are fizzy drinks and eating all the time. Sour candy helps some, as does cool air and laying down, but these are not always available. I’ve taken to carrying a purse again (a lovely purse that my husband bought me 🙂 just so that I can have snacks with me all of the time. So far this strategy has worked. Although I feel silly pulling fruit leather or a bag of nuts out of my purse, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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