I did a 20 minute relaxation exercise last night. At the time it felt really good, but I didn’t think the relaxation carried over because when I got into bed I was very *awake*. However, this morning my muscles feel so loose and relaxed. I know I slept a lot better because of it. In the midst of the exercise I was asked to release everything that was on my mind. This was extremely hard for me to do. I continually had to refocus my attention on the exercise. And it’s not that my mind wanders, I just kept thinking about stuff. I turned off the projector of my mind, but the screen never went blank. I was able to finally remove myself from my thoughts, and be “there” for the moment. It was a really great feeling! And it’s not often that we allow ourselves a few moments of TOTAL escape from our cares. I highly recommend you all try it. Of course, I wasn’t able to do it without a little coaching 🙂 *breathe in, breathe out*

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