Well, I am heading home this weekend as more pre-wedding fun ensues. I think this is my 5th time up as bridesmaid, sheesh I am getting to be quite the pro at this. Anyway, I will have tons to do for “Slipping” (the 411 project I am AD-ing for) when I get back. And until then I just have to deal with my weekend which should be a little hectic, but not too bad. Might go see “Hannibal” if I can get my nerve up 🙂

Okay, I love the rain, but even I think this is ridiculous. Ever notice how the rain makes songs more beautiful? Am I alone on this? So many songs have that rainy day sound already, then when your listening to them over the soft whisper of rainfall everything just becomes more real. And all of those songs you thought you were sick of have some renewed value. Anyway, I love it.

Ever notice how when you get in the car and the radio is playing softly you can hear the faint strains of melodies over the engine’s idle? But the faster you start driving, and the more things you have going on, the harder it is to hear the radio…until the sounds are completely buried by other noise. The music still plays on but we can’t hear it because of all the commotion around us. Sometimes I think that is how it is with the voice of God, or your conscience, or whatever it is that comes from within that you listen to. It didn’t stop speaking, if you want to hear it you have to slow down. Be still for a moment and let your spirit idle, see what you can hear when you are really listening.

OH MY GOSH! I just noticed that for the *first time in my life* my top teeth are in front of my bottom teeth. THAT IS AMAZING! I have always had an underbite…always. Whoa. So I guess these annoying little squares of metal are doing more for my bite than I thought. *shocked*

The elevators all over campus have signs, “AVOID BEING TRAPPED IN THIS ELEVATOR”. Nice. As though they think life isn’t terrifying enough. Not to mention, the elevators in the Humanities building have long been considered death traps. Everytime I step inside one of them, someone always comments on how unsafe they sound. I know the signs relate primarily to the energy crisis, but still when you have an appointment on the 8th floor you’d almost rather chance it. Luckily, I can’t foresee a need to take my life into my hands at this point.

I did a 20 minute relaxation exercise last night. At the time it felt really good, but I didn’t think the relaxation carried over because when I got into bed I was very *awake*. However, this morning my muscles feel so loose and relaxed. I know I slept a lot better because of it. In the midst of the exercise I was asked to release everything that was on my mind. This was extremely hard for me to do. I continually had to refocus my attention on the exercise. And it’s not that my mind wanders, I just kept thinking about stuff. I turned off the projector of my mind, but the screen never went blank. I was able to finally remove myself from my thoughts, and be “there” for the moment. It was a really great feeling! And it’s not often that we allow ourselves a few moments of TOTAL escape from our cares. I highly recommend you all try it. Of course, I wasn’t able to do it without a little coaching 🙂 *breathe in, breathe out*