Busy…so busy. My life is insanity right now. It seems every time my life gets hectic, it gets exponentially worse than the last time. This is easily the busiest I have ever been in my life. Just to give a taste: I have a job (4 days a week), and internship (3 days a week), a full load at school (2 days a week), I am assistant director for a student film currently in production (everyday), I am moving, in a wedding, and preparing for surgery. *Relaxation breathing* Right now I have control of it all but I am not sure I can maintain control for the next 3 months as required. The up side is with every passing day I feel more capable, more confident.

With all that being said, please excuse my neglect of the blog…I had actually forgotten about it all week 🙂 And if you are wondering what’s going on with me, drop an email in my inbox and I’ll tell ya 😉

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