I’ve been thinking, I don’t know who reads this. And I am not sure I should say what I’m going to say.

I spent the better part of last evening venting to a good friend. I am very frustrated with a project I am currently involved with and it is making me realize a few things. 1) Just because you say you’ve worked on a movie set doesn’t mean you are productive. 2) I guess not all people feel pressure to be on top of their job when they know others are relying on them, as I do. 3) It is not good when the leader doesn’t know where they are going.

Last weekend Jason said (in reference to the technical difficulties we were having) “We have never done a shoot this unprofessional.” Jason, you have no idea how professional we were. And I am so glad we worry about being professional. This is an emmense learning experience, but somehow I am learning completely different things than I thought I would. Still, they are useful in helping me determine what kind of professional I want to be.

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