I sure do have a lot to say lately…for me anyways. The internet has been like a room full of deaf people to me for the last week or so. I keep talking, but no one else is and no one is listening. Oh well, then it’s all me.

So the suspense has been terminated, I did NOT win a Ronnie. For the split second after the winner’s name was announced I felt a deep pang of disappointment, but only for that split second. The truth is: I liked the film that did win and the nominee was one of my friends (Insert shout-out to Jesse here). But even more comforting than that was the fact that what my fellow students will be fighting for in the next few months, I already have. I am a professional. The ceremonial graduation I do or do not walk through in 27 days will not have the impact of the transition I felt when I got hired at O. I do appreciate the acknowledgement in the nomination (I think I even have a certificate around here somewhere) and I had a great evening with my friends. As I was driving home, I could not get the music loud enough. Fireworks lit up the sky over Disneyland, adding even more triumph to my mood. I love this.

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