Whew. Had a little scare there…I was walking thru graduation ceremonies when I realized I hadn’t done my final report for my internship. Man, if this wasn’t too late, what was?? I figured I might just have to do the internship over again, and maybe not get my diploma for another semester. But luckily, an angel of mercy…aka the internship coordinator, emailed me yesterday. “I have to get my final grades in tomorrow by 5pm. I have no final report from you. Please advise.” *sigh* She’s such a lovely person 🙂 Anyhoooo, I got it done last night and I can officially breathe easier as a college grad 🙂

I was reading thru past journal entries and found this…”My waking hours are bearable but somewhere in the evening I just keep wishing that the next day will come and somehow I will love it. Been so long since I loved it.” I’ve since found my way out of that valley and am enjoying the view from the mountain top, but I know I won’t be up here forever. There are seasons in life as in everything else. Sometimes we truly must exist at survival level. Take comfort in the fact that those hard times make us much more appreciative of the blessings.

“Artists create because it doesn’t make sense to do anything else. ‘If you don’t have the money to make a movie, steal the camera, steal the film. You have to want it that bad.’ ” –Nicolas Cage at *my* graduation 🙂

What a night! Everytime I hang out in LA, I promise myself that I will do it more often. Very cool little event we had last night. It was a great time. And have I mentioned my boss is hilarious?? We took a company pic and who do you think had his arm around me? The Big O himself. Don’t I just feel special 🙂 Anyway, we hit the town for bit after the Thumb thing. All in all, a long day after 2 hours of sleep, but well worth it.

Hmmm, 1.75 hours of sleep does not a morning person make. I had some wierd stuff flyin thru my head last night and I just couldn’t sleep. Not that I would’ve gotten more than 3 hours even if I had been able to crash immediately. I hate it when I know I have a limited amount of sleep time and my brain just won’t shut up. There was totally something else I was going to say…

Good day all in all. And tomorrow I am going to a screening,YAY! I get to go schmooze with network exec’s. Hmmm, what to wear 🙂 Well, I have to finish cutting this scene so…

Oh, BTW I bought a great cd at the festival of this girl I saw perform. Her name is Shemika Copeland, awesome blues singer, grammy nominated at the ripe old age of 22. I definately suggest checking this one out.

About Kaycee…

So she’s not real it seems, not the way we thought we knew her. But here’s what I think: I will be the first to admit that I am touched by fiction quite often. And in this case, I was touched by the words. The person behind the words was not terribly close to me, and I know that is not the case for some. I’m sure many feel betrayed, but the intentions here were good, and I don’t think I was the only one that was inspired. There was a better way to go about this, but it’s over now. I have to take the good with me and leave the rest behind.

The Blues Festival

It was an amazing good time, and a day of fun I really needed after all the work I’ve been doing lately. Remember when I said I couldn’t get the music loud enough? Well it was loud enough yesterday. When you can feel the baseline vibrations coming up through the ground, while a raspy singer wails into a mic just 20 feet from you, you can’t help but *get* the blues. (And I mean “understand/feel” cause there is now way I was blue 🙂 Good music, good friends, good food, good cigars… I am not thinking it gets much better. And you gotta love blues lyrics, “All the good times we never had, I’m having without you.” “I’m a wild, wild, woman and you’re a lucky man.” And one of my faves from Just Dave “Baby, put the gun down.”

Just Dave is my friend, but more than that he is an AWESOME musician. Plays the harm like no body I’ve ever seen and sings like a big black man, which is so funny cause he’s not a big guy. Anyway, if you’re ever in OC and you want to see good blues, they are where it’s at. Just Dave and the New Family.

I’m still reeling from the 10 hours of blues fest fun. 🙂