Did I mention that this wacky dj person woke me up on Saturday? Okay, maybe that was rude actually, “DJ” (Sixxx, that is) woke me up. I still can’t call him that. So funny when he called though, it took a bit for me to figure out who it was. Don’t you hate when ppl call and don’t tell you who they are?

Terribly sad that Kaycee has passed. Sad for us I mean. But I feel lucky to have known her, even as minimally as I did. Her sunshine lit the space around everytime I read her words, and I don’t think it will fade.

Interesting weekend. I took a step. It wasn’t so much the actual step that made a difference to me, but rather the crossing from one side of a line to the other. I will continue to walk on, but the first step always makes you turn and peek over your shoulder.

I’d like to brag that I have the whole weekend off, but here it is 3:50 am on Saturday and I am still at work. The good news is I don’t have to come back until Monday. Next week shouldn’t be so bad *hopes*.

I got a glimpse of our furry little friend here at the office. Yup, you guessed it, we have a mouse. Rumor has it he lives in one of the speakers in the Avid bay. I guess he likes Steve’s voice or something. Todd promises we will get a trap set on Monday, until then I’m keeping my feet up on a chair.

A time to blog–

There hasn’t been one, or maybe I haven’t felt like it. Anywho, I’m here now. Been busy a gal. Editing my little heart out and last night I found out that some of my cuts made it in a final version of the scene, woooo! I really do love this job.

A word about editors: since they sit for hours, staring at monitors, they a get little crazy when you let them out of their editing bays.

Advice: NEVER put 5 of them in a car and try to go get ice cream. Trust me.

Just got an email message from classmates.com…a truly odd experience, to see that someone you haven’t seen in years has been looking for you. I’m feeling very good that they found me. Whoa. *shakes head* Whoa.