Well yesterday, we (Dad and I) ventured out to the bank and the grocery store…by the time we got to check-out I thought I was going to faint. I suppose this is the frustrating part about recovery. My mind is ready to move on, but my body definately isn’t. I think we may try a movie today, that at least will require less walking. I slept until 10 this morning then took another little nap. Can’t tell if I am really in need of rest or just very drugged up. I am beginning to feel like I should be taking advantage of this time off to get a few things done around here, but I also just feel like resting. The inner battle continues. 🙂

So Ollie says I’m tough 😉 Wooo! I’ll tell ya that this has not been fun and I was less than thrilled about it when my orthodontist told me I should have it done. The only thing I keep saying, “Thank God it’s over!” and “I am never doing this again.” And like ususal I am constantly trying to acess my situation and how I am dealing with it. But I recently came to the realization that I went thru a pretty major ordeal and I am doing damn good! Now I just have to stay sane for the next 5 weeks…eek. I’m counting on everyone to help keep me even-keeled, cool? You guys are doing great so far 🙂 Heh, and so am I.

Part 3

Tired of riding out all of the details so I will wrap up my traumatic experience with what follows…

So they wake me up and I’m gagging and choking and I can’t feel my face, but I am in pretty big pain. The nurse is asking me on a scale of 1-10 and I am trying to hold up eight fingers which is a chore for my heavily drugged body. I tell them my stomach hurts and they tell me I still have the cathader…YIKES! That’s all I’m gonna say about that. Anywho, the next few hours are sketchy. All I remember about getting to my room is them telling me to scootch over again. Sheesh, can’t these people pick me up for once?? Then I was awoken what seemed like every 3 minutes for them to take my blood pressure and temperature. It turned out they were giving me too much morphine in my IV and it was causing me to stop breathing. So they cut the dosage in half, then I was alright. The doctor (who I now know to be the most brilliant man on earth) said that my surgery went very, he said I loss less blood than most and that my swelling was very minimal (yay!) After the first cloudy day, I found that I had nose bleeds everytime I stood up, due to the breathing tubes they had to put down my nose during surgery. And I had a couple of regurgitation episodes that consisted of ridding my stomach of the “post nasal drip” Ickers…I’m sorry for that. Forget you read it…the rest of my notes will be about how bored I am, a much more delightful topic. Thank you again for all of the support 🙂

Part 2

Well this is where things get interesting because I’m not exactly sure what happened, so this is what I was told… (btw, the following will be the details of my surgery. If you have a weak stomach you might want to skip this one.) After I was out the doctor sectioned my upper jaw into four pieces and detatched it from my face bones. He moved it down and forward a little less than a quarter of an inch (on the diagonal). He sectioned it straight thru the middle, then split those sections in half two teeth from each side of the midline. He reattached everything with 4 titanium plates (4 screws to a plate) so that the upper palette was now wider and sat level. My lower jaw was detatched on each side, just below the joint and pivoted around to the left and reattached with 3 screws on each side. Beyond the plates and screws there is a ton of hardware that has been affixed to my mouth. I’m sure it has some purpose in holding all of the pieces together, thought I am not sure what it is. Several wires twist around my gum line and sometimes thru it. There is also a large plastic plate that is affixed to my upper jaw, that my lower teeth fit into…this is the mouth I woke up to.

Let me take you back to 5 days ago, I was nervously waiting in the surgery admissions office. I was promptly changed into hospital attire and several friendly people popped in to say who they were and what they needed to do, some of them poked me with needles and some just said, “I’ll see you after surgery.” The last person to come in was the anesthesiologist who injected me with what he called the St. Jude’s Margarita, the full effect of 3 top shelf margarita’s in about 10 seconds, to which I said the only thing I could say, “Whoa.” They promptly wheeled me into the O.R. I remember nothing of this, except my surgeon greeting me and everyone coaxing me to scootch over from the gurney to the operating table. (to be continued, I can’t sit here long enough to do the whole story in one sitting…)

Whoa, I don’t know what day it is and I am kinda woozy sitting here, but 22 screws, 4 titanium plates and 2 chubby cheeks later I am still here. This has been an interesting ride, not one I am thinking I would’ve chosen had I known the “fun” that was to follow. The human body is an amazing thing. Most of the challenges I have had of late (the last 5 years or so) have been of the emotional variety. This experience has helped me realize that physical challenges, however more dehabilitating, are easier to overcome. Because everyday it gets a little better. Emotional challenges are not really like that and the pain is slower to fade. Many details to follow about my experience, later..though…I must rest…THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for all of the e-cards, real cards, emails, thoughts and prayers. It is taking me a while to get thru them all, so bear with me… LOVE!!!

And a big thanks to Merc for all of the support, info relay and the cozy pj’s 🙂