Whoa, I don’t know what day it is and I am kinda woozy sitting here, but 22 screws, 4 titanium plates and 2 chubby cheeks later I am still here. This has been an interesting ride, not one I am thinking I would’ve chosen had I known the “fun” that was to follow. The human body is an amazing thing. Most of the challenges I have had of late (the last 5 years or so) have been of the emotional variety. This experience has helped me realize that physical challenges, however more dehabilitating, are easier to overcome. Because everyday it gets a little better. Emotional challenges are not really like that and the pain is slower to fade. Many details to follow about my experience, later..though…I must rest…THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for all of the e-cards, real cards, emails, thoughts and prayers. It is taking me a while to get thru them all, so bear with me… LOVE!!!

And a big thanks to Merc for all of the support, info relay and the cozy pj’s 🙂

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