It sounds like Ong had a little problem with swelling and breathing this morning. Her mother said it is all under control now… the swelling is down and they have some kinda cool sounding mico-oxygen-vent-thingy on her now. Lucky kiddo… I want one… anyway…

Ong will be spending the night in the hospital again. She is doing pretty good… she is consuming a lovely liquid diet… and even cracked a smile today.


Talked to Ong’s father on the phone. Ong is doing good and looking good. She will be spending tonight at the hospital… and hopefully, she will be coming home tomorrow or the next day.

I will be updating about Ong’s surgery and recovery until she gets out of the hospital. I am supposed to get a call after her surgery today. She is goign to be in for about 6 hours… so she should be out around 3p.

What to say…I am feeling decidedly overwhelmed this morning. Right now I’m looking up the path toward the large mountain that I must traverse. All the while I’m carrying one end of a very heavy load and before I start up that mountain I have to hand off my responsibilities to someone who doesn’t know anything about what he is carrying.

I’m actually eating artichoke pesto dip and corn chips for breakfast…that’s how abnormal things are this morning.

For those of you that don’t know, I will be having jaw surgery on Wednesday. I may be out of it for a couple of weeks, so if you don’t hear from me…that is why.

Finally…a moment to breathe. Todd is so funny. He was all impressed that I knew this…

Him: It’s like it’s been erased.

Me: (whisper) Erased…from existence.

I have so much to do, but I am so tired. I don’t even feel like making a list, or rather consoladating the lists I’ve been making all day. zzzzzzzz–oh sorry. Maybe I’ll just rest for a bit.

Wierdness already and it’s not even 9 yet…it’s so fun when you are calling tech support for…well support, and they ask lovely questions like, “Why would you want to do that?”

It’s nice to hear cheering when you answer the phone. Esp. when it’s your boss.

Me: Production

Steve: Andrea?

Me: Yeeeeessssss?

Steve: Woooooo!

Such a crazy guy 🙂