Well, I guess blogger didn’t want to post me yesterday. Seems to be working fine today though.

I had the most stressful morning I’ve had in a long while. We had serious problems getting the show to lay off for the composer, but *knocks on wood* I think we got it.

So last night I went out to dinner with the guys (okay, not really, cause I can’t eat…but I went with them and they ate). We were talking about my surgery and such and I made the most disturbing discovery. You know that little piece skin that connects your top and bottom lips to your gums? Well I don’t have that anymore! Niether one of them! Merc and J tried to convince me that they never use theirs and I’d never miss it, but OH MY GOSH! I’m totally missing something I had before! I’m feeling quite abnormal due to this little skin loss. (BTW: anyone know what it is called?? I know it has a name.) I keep thinking that it’s got to be there for a reason and what does it mean if I don’t have one? *pondering my surgically-inflicted abnormality*

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