A Tuesday…that feels like a Monday…but a bit like a Friday seeing as how I haven’t much to do. I had a very full weekend. Friday night right up thru last night I was running, driving, doing, seeing, eating, laughing, walking and all of the like.

I got to go home this weekend. It’s interesting everytime I go back. I miss it and I hate it all at the same time. I love the view, but I hate the heat. Or I love hanging out with my family, but I hate remembering how boring it was to live there. Even though I miss my family and friends terribly, I could never live there again.

Yesterday the boys and I took DZ to San Diego. We had a good time. I love San Diego and have vowed to spend more time there. I hope DZ enjoyed his trip, from what I understand the boys dragged him to every noteworthy spot South of the Grapevine. I seem to be living vicariously thru the vacationers that I am in contact with. Just holding out until I can get “away” for a spell.

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