As I am told I do not blog enough…I will attempt to remedy that.

This was a full day. We had a face shoot at work. I think we shot a total of 5 actors, which is two more than normal. Anyway, it was a day of much laughing and hilarity. After the shoot, the Big O wanted to sit down and go thru the latest show cut. As the evening wore on, he munched on the watermelon I had brought…fine with me…he’s the boss. While I fiddled with a particular edit, Steve, now lying on the floor, brought up a rash of highly irrelevant hypotheticals. They went something like this:

1) “If you could be in perfect shape, and have the ideal body, but you had to projectile vomit once a week, without warning, would you do it?”

2) “What about if you could quit your regular job for the rest of your life, and you make your money by letting a huge buff guy punch you in the stomach really hard, and each time he punched you, you get $1000. But you can do it only once a day, therefore giving you the potential to earn $7000 a week.”

LOL…Todd and I both declined the last one, because we like our jobs 😉

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