Good Lord my blog has become jibberish. Well tonight I will be enjoying (inasmuch as I am able) a halloween sort of celebration. It just so happens 2 of our Thumb shows fit the theme of tomorrow’s impending holiday. The Blair Thumb and FrankenThumb. Ta. Da. Actually I am very excited to see these shows in their full form instead of catching snippets as I sneak past the Avid to get to the spare tape stock. AND Bonnie is getting us food. Did I mention Bonnie rocks? So it doesn’t get any better than that. Food and fun and the big boss man is coming too. Show time is in T-46 minutes….

Wish I sat close enough to a computer all day that I could blog all of the time.

Okay, here’s the “sitch”… I am going to be working 2 jobs starting on Monday. That’s right 75 hours a week. But I can do it, it’s only for 5 weeks. And 2 pay checks will be nice 🙂 So anyway, if I don’t blog please forgive me, though I will be trying to find time to do it.

Still very interested in chocolate….mmmmmmmmm.

I am psychotic. I always knew I was a chocolate lover…but lately I am so interested in sweets that I am literally dreaming about them. I am constantly having dreams about all of this wonderfully decadent chocolate stuff. Cakes dripping with chocolate sauce, dusted in cocoa, filled with rich frosting. And I am not talking about just chocolate cakes or plain old cookies, it’s nothing but the best for my dreams. Completely gourmet and irresistable. So am I crazy? What causes chocolate dreams?

As much fun as a root canal. Now I know what those ppl mean. Eek. I have got to get my butt out of this house today. I spent a good part of yesterday waiting for my mouth to feel normal again. My poor mouth. Will it ever feel normal?

What did I do this weekend? I cooked, I cleaned, I watched movies, I ran around and had fun, I relaxed, I napped, I stressed out. I am finding that one can squeeze an amazing amount of activity into a weekend. Of course, I am tired, but the cool thing about working nights is that my weekend is not quite over. 🙂

I have to get it touch with my orthodontist today. I am in some pain, not your typical orthodontial relapse kind of pain, but tooth-achey, sore-jaw, incessant canker sores kind of pain 🙁 I am ready to be done with my metallic mouth.

Blah-grrrrr. heh heh. I am in an odd sort of mood tonight. Tired, definately tired. It’s cold in here. I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep for a couple of years. I can hear the cleaning people vacuuming in the next office and the APC battery alarm going off in the back room. A steady flow of chilled air keeps streaming in through the vents no matter how many times I push that incessant little lever around. My mind wanders when I am here alone. Sometimes I really don’t feel like working, but I plug along anyway. You know, it’s tough to be productive when there’s a craft services table in the back of the building full of junk food. I haven’t even touched it today and I feel fatter every minute. Can calories be airborne? If so than I am in trouble, but it sure would explain a lot. Well, my render is done, back to work.