Blah-grrrrr. heh heh. I am in an odd sort of mood tonight. Tired, definately tired. It’s cold in here. I just want to curl up in a ball and sleep for a couple of years. I can hear the cleaning people vacuuming in the next office and the APC battery alarm going off in the back room. A steady flow of chilled air keeps streaming in through the vents no matter how many times I push that incessant little lever around. My mind wanders when I am here alone. Sometimes I really don’t feel like working, but I plug along anyway. You know, it’s tough to be productive when there’s a craft services table in the back of the building full of junk food. I haven’t even touched it today and I feel fatter every minute. Can calories be airborne? If so than I am in trouble, but it sure would explain a lot. Well, my render is done, back to work.

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