And what happens when you go to blog at 1:05 am? Hehehe, nothing coherent comes out of your head! It’s sleepy times for me kiddies. I will just have to make up for it in tomorrow’s blog.

BTW: Merc, change my work link to, k?

I know the rest of you really care about that 🙂

Well, I am no longer able to deny the fact that I miss school. I stepped onto campus today to go to the bank, and everywhere there were tons of people carrying books and papers and grumbling about tests. I’m not quite sure how many of them know how really lucky they are. I miss learning something new each and every day. I miss seeing more than the same 12 people in a given day. I miss the environment of learning, where knowlegde seems to be everywhere. I don’t miss tests and huge papers and the feeling that you always have something to do…but I miss school.

Oh yes…my weekend. I have to say it was just MARVELOUS! I had a wonderful time with my family and friends. We hung out and sang songs and ate yummy food. I think we all really had a chance to appreciate each other this weekend. It was a shot of “good stuff” right in my arm and I needed it.

Well, it was a painful Monday for me too, Mom…in quite a literal sense. I think my orthodontist is trying to kill me sometimes. I suppose the man is doing his job and it’s partially my fault for pointing out what I thought to be the flaws in my bite. He says he can fix it, so I am letting him. He also keeps telling me that I am almost done and how well he thinks it is all turning out. I figure after all this…I better hang in there, but my teeth better look damn good when this is all over 🙂