~ Stupid Bloody Tuesday ~

A phrase I’ve always liked, but I don’t feel that inhospitable toward the day that has most recently dawned. Things are in the air. Things are changing…maybe. More to come as I feel more at liberty to talk about it. I always enjoy the opportunity to shake up my little world. Which, if you know, me is completely untrue. I will hold on white-knuckled to “the way things are”, because frankly, change terrifies me. I am so worried about losing things that I enjoy, I will sit stagnant for far too long. But this is my simple way of living on the edge. There are things that give me a very specific “shaky-ground” feeling and even though my knees rattle at the very thought, I know that I must fling myself into something that is new and scary and great. I can’t let myself become the kind of person that can’t deal with change. Life is change. So eyes wide open, head first, both feet, I go.

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