Be a Pillar, Not a Post

It means don’t just stand there…do something. Carry your weight, assume responsibility. This goes for every organization you belong to. Step in and do your part, wall flowers are for jr. high dances. They have little purpose in the rest of life. Everyone has a gift, talent, ablilty and if you don’t you can help carry things or pass out flyers. So get in there and help. Do what you can. This is your world, your group, your life.

I think I am okay at this advice thing…Lord knows I have a lot to say 🙂

“Love is tricky. You can’t make it. You can’t buy it. You have to wait for it. And when it is real you’ll know, with every fiber of your being. There will be no guess work, there will be no maybe. Everything will just fit, for both of you. Did you catch that last part? If one is not as sure as the other, it’s not right yet.That doesn’t mean it never will be, but dreadfully enough…you just have to wait. That’s another thing about real love, it doesn’t go away. Give yourself the chance to find the one who was meant for you. Don’t hurry, don’t worry, don’t look for it, just wait. The magic will come to you.”


Ever have one of those weekends? Mine was a dizzying blur of amusement parks, hotels, restaurants, shops and airports. Sheesh! I was running crazy from about 8:00 p.m. on Friday. I’ve never considered how much there is in Southern California to show someone from another country. Throw in the added bonus of the fact that they may never get to come back to America, and that’s a lot of pressure. I’ve come away from the experience a bit more appreciative of all that sits just outside my door each and every day that I have lived here. And my conclusion is…I LOVE it here. I am excited to go to Australia and where ever else I may travel throughout my life, but I love America and I lo-ove California.

Gregory Peck died last night.

That is a sad thing, but I suppose he was getting up in years. My family and I are big admirers of the man’s work and in fact, we went to see him in person once. They had an event called “An Evening with Gregory Peck”. They showed clips from his body of work and then he told some stories and had a question and answer session with the audience. My Dad actually got to speak to him. It was a wonderful experience and I am very happy that we got to do that.

The week in review (I know it’s not over yet but…)

I have decided that exercising in the morning really does feel good. It gives me more energy and releases tensions. And while I would love to just snuggle in my comfy bed, it feels so much better to get my butt moving in the a.m.

My IQ 121…gifted 🙂 I participated in Test the Nation and so can you…so warm up the brain waves and go on with your bad self.

Also, I have re-realized why I hate sports. It’s such a pain. You wait forever for a team that you care about to play one stinkin’ game then they lose and look all sad and cry on tv. I am referring to the Mighty Ducks of course. This past Monday night I actually sat down and watched a hockey game…ME. I was all by myself and could’ve watched anything, and what did I do? I supported my home team with raging OC pride. My conclusion: Sports suck. I don’t know how I got infected with this ridiculous notion that anything involving a score board and time-outs could be fun. From this point on I will maintain my original feelings involving sporting events. I am not an athletic supporter.

A new day, a new week, a new chance to do everything better.

You can always do better, and you should always try. I know there are times in life that you just have to get through the day. The simplest task becomes an insurmountable obstacle. You have to exist each and every day and some days take so much more effort than others. Forge ahead when you have the capacity to do so. Push through the easy days and get a little farther than you have to, then you’ll be ahead when you feel like you can’t go another inch. I think life is cyclical and tidal because that is what we can all relate to. There are sunny mountain tops and dark deep valleys. Ride the waves. Live your life. Every day.


I just quit my job. It is time for me to move on. I feel very relieved to have this step behind me. I never liked having to give notice. It has never been easy, even when I knew it was the right thing to do. A new road stretches before and I am already running into the unknown. Thank you to all who have given me the reassurance I needed and to all of those who listened to my seemingly endless ramblings. Also, I have to thank my husband whose unwaivering support has made this choice possible. I love you.

“Real Women Have Curves”

I loved it. It was a very simple film, but great dialouge, nice visuals, and very well put together. I recommend it to everyone, but if you are not proficient in your Spanish, turn on the subtitles.

Monday…today, a relatively good day for me. The boss has gone on a road trip and will be gone for the next 2 days (Double Yay!) Merc & I had a wonderful weekend which included breakfast out, the beach, a little laundry, dinner at Lucille’s BBQ (mmmmmm), a movie and a little shopping. All in all it was great!