Wow. I am an old married person 🙂 I’ve been married for a whole year, isn’t that incredible?

I really don’t get time. Sometimes it creeps by and tortures me with every tick of the second hand and sometimes I blink and years have gone zooming by at lightning speed. It is really tough to put things into that perspective, where you can kind of feel the rhythm of your life. I am not in step right now. I find myself reeling from how distant memories seem closer than they are and not being able to feel each moment that silently slips by. I know I have to refocus my attention on the present, but sometimes it’s not as easy as you’d think.

All in all though I could not be happier with my wonderful husband. He is the light of my days. I want to focus on that so it doesn’t slip by me.

Happy 50th Mom!

Today is my mother’s 50th birthday. She is an amazing woman and I love her. I have great parents. So great, that other people are trying to adopt them as their own. But they are mine, and I am so happy they are.

We shocked the 50-year-old pants off of my mother this weekend when we threw her a surprise birthday bash. It was great to finally pull one over on her, she is for the most part, trick-proof. But we executed it perfectly, thanks to the planning of my father and a few well placed helpers.

We must be good planners in my family, our celebrations rarely hiccup. Anyway Mom, I love you and I know you’re gonna be there when I turn 50. And then you’ll be old, but you’re still young for now. So smile and keep on rockin’.

Teach Me

Tomorrow I begin my new job, my new path. It seems that it is in my blood to teach and tomorrow the mystery will be dispelled. I am feeling fairly confident about the whole endeavor, as long as I have a decent class of people this should be great.

I still have some planning of my lessons and what not to do, but I am feeling almost ready to do this. I am excited.

Wish me luck!