"Sometimes you just want a mouthful of cake"

Well, this weekend was a nice break from the insanity that will be my work week for the next month. We did anything but work, which has its flaws and its virtues. But beyond that I am teetering between feeling completely overwhelmed and totally in control. No this is not one of those wonderfully consistant times in my life. I am riding the waves of a “tumultuous” period. Even if the high tide is only in my own head, it still makes for an eventful ride.

I also have found that my new mini muffin baking pan is the best of all possible baking worlds. I made little cupcakes with frosting and I think they are just great. Like I was telling my husband, they are just enough when you want a sweet bite, but not a whole big piece of cake. He didn’t seem to get the idea 🙂

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