The most stressful time of the year…

This end of the year holiday stuff is just brutal. It seems like everything is coming down to the wire. I really wish there was a way to postpone things on the calendar, like holidays…this year lets have Christmas on January 25th.

Anyway, we got a good chunk of our Christmas shopping done this weekend, yay! Can’t wait to finish that up. Oh and by the way…I’m an aunt! My sister/cousin-in-law had a baby on Friday night and I am told she is the most beautiful child to ever be born and I would expect nothing less. Now I can’t wait to go to Arizona (shock!) Never thought I’d be saying those words.

Our house is a disaster right now. We got rid of an enormous piece of furniture that held a lot of stuff and put a big cabinet in its place. So you can imagine all the stuff we had to move around. So there is a bit more cleaning also on my holiday to-do list.

(sigh) Come oooooooon New Year’s.

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