I am noticing some antagonistic behavior around me at work. None of it is aimed toward me. Actually it is students tearing down administration. Some are even talking about filing lawsuits. I am not sure how this is going to pan out, but I must say I am not really worried about it. The students have valid complaints but the way they are going about this is very childish. They are antagonizing an administration that is very open to comment from both faculty and students. And I have to say, while this is not really an ideal learning environment, it really isn’t bad.

Any lab that is used by a number of students throughout the day is bound to have severe technical problems. But I have had worked places that were much slower to act on these types of concerns. And I really have to say that it is extremely naive to think that a student going to a technical college can afford a lawyer as good as the school’s lawyer. So many people at this school work insane hours just to keep the place in basic operation. And many of us are doing the best we can.

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