I think I am growing more impatient in some ways. Sometimes I just feel like people are not even trying anymore. So many times in the day I find myself thinking, “I don’t have time for this.” Still in other ways I know I have a ton of time and things like slow traffic and letting someone in on the freeway are very easy. I seem to bounce between extremes of being on task and in a “work” zone and other times it takes quite a lot to get me riled.

What is this? Am I bipolar? Sometimes I can feel the peace and calm pulsing lazily through my veins and sometimes I feel so over whelmed I think myself into a headache. So bizarre. Maybe I am just readjusting from my vacation mentality. Several times while we were in Australia I felt like there was nothing in the world that could get my pulse off the floor. I was just sooo mellow. So maybe I am trying to strike a balance.

You know what else? I often find myself feeling guilty for being relaxed. Like there is so much to do I should be stressing out…

Maybe I am just on my way to a new level of understanding and these are the bumps along the way.

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