Everybody loves an Oscar…

Well, at least I do. 🙂

I love watching the Oscar Telecast. It is my favorite night of tv all year long. Of course, this year it will be rivaled with the final episode of Friends, but I digress. That conversation is for another day.

Oscar is my favorite little gold guy, and I’ll be honest…I want one. Every year makes me think, “What am I doing to get one?” And the answer is nothing much. We’ll see if I can get my motivation in the right place this year. I am trying.

I have my opinions about the awards as I always do. Johnny Depp should’ve have won Best Actor. Sean Penn was okay in Mystic River, but the movie as a whole was little to get excited about. Charlize was well deserving. And I guess this was the year of the Ring. It was most fitting and most deserving this year. That piece of cinematic mastery, even though it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, should be recognized for the mass of the undertaking alone. Anything that looks that good and took 6 years to make, and a crew of over 25000 people, deserves to break the record, not just tie it. Sorry Dad, the Rings blows Ben-Hur out of the water.

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