Fake Friday!

Fake Friday is what I call Thursdays now. Since I don’t have to teach on Fridays it becomes the end of the week for me. I love that. It will be hard if I have to go back to working Fridays.

I’ve gotten quite used to my job and my freedom and recently I am putting a lot of effort into getting a whole lot of stuff done. I feel like all of this time could be taken from me at any moment and I just want to get ahead while I still can.

My poor hubby is working really long hours right now and I feel bad that I get home so early. So I have been doing stuff around the house and prepping for my classes until about 7 p.m. just to feel like I am pulling my weight.

And tomorrow we get our taxes done…yeah! Just love Uncle Sam. Now we get to see if all of this business stuff and tax prep has done us any financial good this year. Let’s all cross our fingers.

Happy Fake Friday, Everyone!

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