Time is on my side…

Well, maybe not. Maybe it’s neutral. Time is the only thing that is ever consistant anymore. I am starting school in the fall. Master’s program. It’s a little daunting, but I want to get it out of the way. Otherwise it just becomes another one of those things just looming on the horizon, waiting to get done. There is all the time there ever was and I certainly don’t work as much as I have in other times in my life, still…I am losing it. Not getting it all done. I make progress everyday. A few months back I was feeling like no matter what I did nothing was getting done. I am over that now. I see the progress. But somehow new things replace those which I have crossed off my to-do list and I still have mounds of dirty laundry. Life has to be more than a list of neverending tasks. I have lots of fun, but there is still so much to do. How will I ever catch up?


This is the first Friday in a long time that has felt like a Friday to me. I don’t mind so much that I have to work tomorrow. The prospect has been ruining my ability to enjoy a Friday lately. Fridays are a great day of the week and I was starting to miss them. I hope they are back. 🙂


I am having a break in the somewhat hectic routine of my life here in this moment.

Some say I am a neat freak. Some say I come from a long line of neurotic cleaners. Both of my grandmothers fold plastic grocery bags. Maybe I am just meticulous or in some odd way I am connected to the feng shui of each place I go. Whatever the reason, there is nothing else so simple that makes me feel better about life than when things are clean, and orderly. Mess and chaos cause me physical anxiety and mental anguish. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I love the feel of a clean house and a quiet moment to take it all in and feel the peace.

I been trying to keep my neurocese down to a tolerable level and I think I have been doing better. But today I just needed to clean and the euforia that followed was just what I needed. This is very much a part of who I am. I have given up the notion that others should clean the way I do, although I still comment on it occasionally. I have tried to be more laid back about it and I think I have. Moderation in all things, you know 🙂

So soon…

I am on the road again this weekend. I will be truckin’ our little doggie up to my parents to get her fixed. I am a little worried, but I guess it’s really no big deal.

Not really looking forward to the drive and I am still not used to this schedule where I feel like I am just spinning through weeks at a time. There doesn’t seem to be a beginning or an end to each week. I think I can safely say that I enjoyed the other schedule more. I liked having 3 days off in a row. I liked getting off work at 2pm instead of 4pm…whine whine.

Anywhoo…I am doing fine, just a little tired. Need to recharge a bit.

Had a nice little date with my hubby last night. We just up and decided to go out to dinner and it was really nice. I just love him 🙂

I need a Napa…

So we went on a little getaway to the Napa Valley. The valley was beautiful, the wines plentiful and sufficient in variety. It was truly enjoyable. I had a great time. Funny how traveling for relaxation purposes always seems to be something one needs to recover from.

I am very tired. I need to get into the swing of this term before it just passes me by. There is so much I need to do for my students. So much I need to teach them, so much I want them to have when they leave. I want to be able to pass on something extraordinarily useful and relevant, not always as easy as it sounds. I have come out of this weekend of rumination to realize that I have a lot to give and I need to make sure I am holding myself accountable for all I am capable of.

That’s all there is to it.

Learn the Rules Now…

I am teaching today. I am at work on a Saturday and since it is one of the three days a week I work, I guess I am not going to complain that much. Everyday, I try to impose on my students a sense of what they will face in the workplace. It’s amazing how many of them seem to think that they will be able to just go in and create whatever they want without giving thought to how functional it will be.

They pick colors that they like instead of what works best for the layout. They use spaces and returns to format text. They try to use RGB images in a print document. The sad thing is that I get students throughout various stages of their education here and some of the graduating seniors don’t know that screen images need to be 72 dpi and print images need to be 300 dpi. I have yet to come across a student that could explain to me the difference between raster and vector.

They don’t seem to get that these are the things that are going to edge them out of job opportunities. You have to have some interest in your field. Or at least fake it enough to make me think that you care remotely about this. It scares me how the younger generations are getting more and more apathetic. It’s like someone is forcing them to be here. Which if that is true…they are all over 18…you have to take control of your life some time. Why not start now?