Amazingly I am awake. I was so tired when I first got up this morning and have been really tired lately. I get up at 6 am every day of the week except Monday. Things are going well at the moment and I feel like I have good momentum, but I am getting a little nervous about going back to school this fall. I am going back to get my Masters, and I am worried about how little time I am going to have and how much work I am going to have to do. I am still teaching 2 classes next term, MWF and going to school on M-Th…sheesh, 12 units. I hope I am not taking on too much. Of course I have done way more. So I am not too sure what I am worried about. Also, a semester is going to seem like such a long time as I have gotten used to 10 week terms while teaching. Well, that is just some of what is on my mind. That and all the other projects I have on the table right now. Hopefully, I will get thru them quickly I would love to have my head back and get to relax a little before school starts. I am trying to plan a little weekend getaway for me and the hubby, we both need a little space right now.

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