Last Day

Today is the last day of the term and I am feeling pretty good this morning. Considering that I still have 2 big projects that need to be taken care of in the next 2 days, I think that is amazing. Things are panning out nicely though and I am going to get my grades turned in as soon as possible to get that off my back.

The next term starts on Monday, so I don’t really get a break. That’s alright I suppose, I forgo the break for not having to work on the weekends any more. I hope I can keep to the new MWF schedule without too many problems. It is so tough to have the T TH Sa schedule. It’s like one endless week. I just had a really hard time keeping up.

I need to get a term-long plan together for the August term so that I have everything planned out on a day to day basis. Once my Master’s program starts toward the end of August, I will have so little time for planning, so I better get the plan together early.

Ugh, have to go. The vast majorinty of my students have left the essay question on the final blank.

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