Let freedom ring…

I love America…present company included. We do have our share of idiots and more than our share of loudmouths who talk a lot and say nothing. We are selfish and humble, spoiled and hardworking. We have opportunity that we let flatten under our feet because the game is on. We watch reality television and laugh at our fellow citizens. We shoot off illegal fireworks to celebrate and honor our country and all it was founded on. We talk on cell phones in movie theatres and order more deep fried potatos in a given year than I want to think about. In southern California, we are highlighted, fake and baked, acrylic’d, designer’d, bmw’d and still not satisfied with the effects of our last botox session. We are fake, false and shallow, but we are also real, lasting and genuine. Some more than others, of course. I am sure I have my moments…and you do too. That’s called freedom.

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