Pacing Myself

I am trying to manage my time (with the help of my husband) to make sure I am getting enough done. My Master’s program is going to be demanding a lot of time from me for the next 4 months. After one week, I realized that I had 7 chapters of reading to do, and one class, the teacher didn’t show up so I that class is not even included.

I read 4 chapters this weekend and have 3 more to go. This reading is pretty tough to get through. A lot of it is written in what my professor calls “scholar speak” devised purposely to be intimidating. But I think once I get into a routine I will be doing well. And if all goes well this semester, I am pretty sure I will be glad to have gotten these classes out of the way at one time.

I do have to say that being in a graduate program is nothing like my undergrad. The good thing is the caliber of students isn’t the timewasting, whiners I had to deal with in my undergrad. It is much more challenging, but I am glad for the challenge. At least at this point, I am. 🙂

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