Well, I am not a fan of the Emmy’s usually. I watched last night because I desperately needed a break from my mind-bending homework. It was somewhat entertaining, but in my opinion it’s really a lame telecast. There are too many awards and the winners get no time to say anything. Then when they do they ramble a list of names while the orchestra swells and fades in the background. The montage of shows that ended this year was ridiculous…why did they waste airtime on that? It is just surprising to me that a show that celebrates the medium of television wouldn’t take more care to put on a quailty production. I mean, yes…Garry Shandling is funny, but was it me or did he look like he was on some kind of narcotic high? “No really” “I mean come on” should not be the mainstay of a host’s monologue.

“Angels in America” took home a slew of awards. I’ve not seen it, but supposedly it is a really serious piece about the devastation of AIDS and the writer gets up there and twitters about being made “an honest gay man”. The actors had far more poignant things to say.

The best part of the entire evening was when they brought out the 2 “real” people to present the reality tv award and the girl chit-chatted with Jennifer Aniston from the stage…huh…maybe reality tv really is better.

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