Since being back in school, I am reading anywhere from 7-12 chapters of text a week. This is a lot of new information to introduce into my brain at a time. I feel like between reading and lectures and work, I have no time to really process the information. And the only time I stop during the day is when I lay down to go to sleep at night. It’s all I can do to keep my brain cleared of thought, so that I can sleep. That being the case, I am having a hard time falling a sleep and sleeping soundly. Not for lack of being tired, I’m exhausted. But my brain isn’t finding the time it needs to go through all I am learning. Hopefully, this will not harm me in the long run and I will, by some miracle, retain all of this information.

Merc and I went thru a potential study plan for my Master’s program last night, and it seems as though it may be feasible for me to get through this rather quickly. I hope it all works out and the classes I need are offered when I need them. I hope. I hope.

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