Tea & Sympathy

I had tea this morning, because I didn’t have time to get my coffee before I headed off to work. It really is a lousy substitute. when yo are wanting coffee.

My students are once again, or should I say still, retarded. Their attendance bites. I don’t know how they expect to do well in this class. My other class is great about attendance, but I just haven’t figured out an appeal that works for my morning classes. They don’t seem to care and that’s just going to hurt them in the long run.

My parents are coming this weekend, which should be cool. I miss them. I would love to blow off all of my schoolwork and just hang out for the weekend with no worries. My brain needs a break. It really scares me that I feel this burnt already and I have only just begun. Hopefully, teaching only one class next term will help lessen that load.

Mmmm…I’m sleepy.

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