Happy Turkey Week

Since I will probably not be online, but off stuffing my face all week, I shall blog now and wish you all a wonderful holiday week.

I have a week off from my Master’s classes which will be nice, except for the fact that I have soooo much homework due when I get back.

1 little paper

and 2 huge ones


Anywho, wishing you all fun and food and good times this week.

School Daze

This is what we (those that are somehow involved with education) like to call crunch time. This year, it is a double-edged sword for me. I am a teacher and a student, and this is really starting to feel like 10 people pulling me in different directions…hmmm I guess it’s more than 10. It’s more like: 22 students, 3 teachers (4 classes), and 2 bosses. That’s an awful tug-o-war. Well I am pulling with all I have left to pull with and sometimes it feels like I am just laying on the rope hoping that they will ease up for a while.

I think Hubby and I just decided that I am going to take this Master’s thing a bit slower so that I can focus more on each class and keep up my work schedule. I think it is better for us in the long run. Hope so anyway. Love you all. So tired. Nite.

Write it up

So I am writing one of 2 papers due this next week. Soon enough this madness will be over. I am certain that I can accomplish this whole mess, it’s just daunting at times. It would also be great if I could just build a little more time into each day. Though I am learning to take advantage of the time I do have. Lately we have been buying quite a few helpful books on time management, personal productivity and the like. Good stuff.

Saw the new Bridget Jones last night, and I happen to think the bad reviews are wrong. I thought it was quite fun and we laughed a lot. Still the movies are no where near as funny as the books.

Ta-ta…work to do.

Busy Buzz

Yep, a lot going on here at camp “Gonna Die Tryin'”. My students are like fussy neonates, it’s just sad. My fellow classmates are much easier to contend with, still there is a bit too much whining for people who should know that this world is not at all fair. Then there is the culture of employment…just plain old frustrating. Those who work hard and kick ass, get their asses kicked and those who slack somehow wind up getting by under the radar. Well, damn it if that attitude is going to go down in flames in my book. I am more than willing to do my part and if the only person who appreciates my hard work is me, then I guess that’s who I am working for no matter who signs the checks.

Half Full

So much going on as usual, but I am continually reminded of how well things are really going in my life and how much I have to be thankful for. So I am tired, but I have a safe place to sleep at night. So I have a ton of work to do for school, I am in graduate school and really enjoying it. I enjoy all I have and I feel optimistic about things right now, so I figured I better document it so I can have something uplifting to read when I get bummed.

Hubby and I had fun at Todd & Heather’s Halloween party last night. Yay! 🙂