School Daze

This is what we (those that are somehow involved with education) like to call crunch time. This year, it is a double-edged sword for me. I am a teacher and a student, and this is really starting to feel like 10 people pulling me in different directions…hmmm I guess it’s more than 10. It’s more like: 22 students, 3 teachers (4 classes), and 2 bosses. That’s an awful tug-o-war. Well I am pulling with all I have left to pull with and sometimes it feels like I am just laying on the rope hoping that they will ease up for a while.

I think Hubby and I just decided that I am going to take this Master’s thing a bit slower so that I can focus more on each class and keep up my work schedule. I think it is better for us in the long run. Hope so anyway. Love you all. So tired. Nite.

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