A Break in the Madness

Well, I have been pounding away at this keyboard non-stop (literally) since about 11 am on Sunday. For those of you keeping score the count is 2 papers down, 1 to go…3 finals to go.

I never thought I had so much to say about Communications…and actually I don’t but fortunately others do and since I have to cite 20+ sources per paper, that works to my advantage.

All in all, with my first semester of grad school coming to a rapid close, I have to say I’ve enjoyed it. I kicked and screamed the whole way but in the end I can already feel myself looking over these past 17 weeks in amazement saying “I did it.” All the stuff that pissed me off and seemed to swallow me whole has no real bearing on me now. The truth is I’ll take the good with the bad anyday, it all teaches me something.

The other day in one of my 400-level classes the instructor asked me to help citing as one of his reasons being that I am a grad student. I swear the undergrads (all 32 of them) just stared at me like I was from another planet before, like they had never seen such a thing. The funny thing is that I really took pride in that because it was like justification for all of the hard work I’ve been putting in all semester. I was set apart and it felt good.

Even if what I am doing seems hard at the time I am glad I am doing it. I guess I just need to work on not being such a complainer. Complainers don’t seem to do much good.

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