Last Post of the Year

I am not kidding myself…I know I will not be back on blogger until 2005.

Well, I have lined up some more busy times for myself. Taking 2 classes and teaching 3. One of the classes is at another campus closer to my house, which is going to be nice. Maybe they will really like me and adopt me 🙂

Christmas was fun, but all of last week I was running around like a mad woman. So I am trying to take some time for myself in this vacation. It’s just hard when you know there is stuff you should be catching up on. Some of the deep cleaning will just have to wait.

Christopher got me a palm pilot for Christmas…I think this will be a very good thing once I get it set up with the computer and all of the software is working. I really needed some kind of centralized system to keep all of my stuff organized. I love being organized. So I think this is going to be better, because my main compliant about computer-based software is not portable. Plus, it has an MP3 player…yay!

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