Such a Deal!

Okay, I love a good deal. I am not one to buy things I don’t need but sometimes you just have to say, “Hell, when am I ever going to find something so cool for so cheap!?” So Sunday afternoon, hubby and I stopped into the local Target (which I just love anyway) to look for additional clearanced candles, to add to our collection. Well, we found several HUGE candles. I mean big, 7-8 lbs…BIG huge candles that are usually 40 bucks. The biggest one was on sale for $3.50, that’s right folks. Then we found some really cool large wicker baskets…$1.29 each! Oh my gosh! Needless to say we walked out with 6 huge candles and 9 baskets for $29.67! AMAZING!!! I love it!

Anyone need a basket?


This is a notice to the cellular masses.

In this day and age, society has advanced communication technologies greatly. There is no need to call someone and leave a message on their voicemail saying, “Hi, it’s _______. Give me a call when you have a chance.”

Before they even dial their voicemail, they know you called. They know when you called. They know how how many times you called. Unless they don’t like you, owe you money or think you smell, most likely, they will call you back. When they do call you back it will be at their convenience. So you see the information contained in your message told them nothing they didn’t already know and cost them 14 cents.

The age of answering machines seemed to create a need in people to leave useless messages; mainly because sitcoms and the like preached to us about how rude it was to leave a “hang-up”. The good news is, “hang up”s are now a thing of the past. Little computer chips in our phones have become intelligent enough to not record the sound of someone hanging up the phone. Brilliant!

May I suggest that the user become as savvy as the technology. Let us no more record redundant information that someone must pay to retreive. Let us think of our fellow cellular users as people and tell them not who are, not that we called, but alas…WHY we called. And if you don’t have a good reason for calling, yet feel compelled to leave a message, for heaven’s sake BE FUNNY!

Here endeth the lesson.


I am working out like a mad woman these days and am pushing myself pretty hard. Not that you can see it yet and hopefully I won’t poop out before the results are noticeable. Man, oh man am I sore. My husband sat on the couch reading last night as I did a pretty rough pilates workout. I grunted and groaned as some woman on a DVD literally tried to kill me. “She makes it looks so easy,” he said. “I know…I hate that,” I grumbled.


Last week I started taking on some of the projects I am assigning my students. I figured if I had an example I could show them more of what was expected of them. So I am now on my third project and all the more convinced that my students are the whiniest bunch ever. These projects have been really fun. I wish someone in my masters program would assign me something fun to do. Sheesh! Do you know how long and hard they would laugh at me if I whined to my professors or my boss for that matter, “This stuff is boring. Can’t we do something fun?” Give me a break. Life is not about everything being fun. Grow up.


I am done! I had my usual week’s worth of prep to do over the weekend and I am ready for the coming week. Today. Early. Not on Sunday night at 10:30…yay!

Who knows how much fun I can have now! I can’t wait to find out!


My husband is a big dork and takes pictures of me when I say, “No, don’t…I am in my pajamas.” Then he fakes that the camera doesn’t work so I will look and then…click. And he chuckles to himself. Oh the malicious trickery!

It is raining so much here. I think the rain is bumming out the dog because she will not leave us alone. She keeps going back and forth between us. I’ve never met such a needy creature. That’s partly why she’s the best dog ever.

Scarlett says: iiooisplliszk

(she’s not the best typist)

Odd but true…

Odd that when it’s not raining I am hoping it will start again before I go outside.

Odd that I did not bring my umbrella and don’t really enjoy walking in the rain without one.

Odd that my class laughed the most I’ve ever heard from them when I showed them Pillow Talk, one of the cheesiest Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies ever.

Odd that some dude took the time to research the anachronistic use of type in films.

Odd that one of my students thinks he is a velociraptor.

Odd that I am so sleepy–oh wait, no it’s not 🙂

Busy busy, sleepy sleepy

Blah blah blah. Same old thing. Everyday. Every year. My brain gets all mushy when I am this tired. And I can’t concentrate for crap, which is unfortunate because I usually am either: a) being paid to teach people something, or b) paying people to teach me something.

Hubby came into my class Monday to give my students a critique from a different perspective, because they hear mine everyday. He inspired one of my better students to really want to learn more about this industry. I really admire that my husband was able to reach this student on a passion level and talk to him about his craft. I haven’t been able to reach this student in a long while, and while I found that discouraging, I feel good about the fact that my husband was able to. It made me proud of that guy I married. He inspires me too. 🙂

Heart of Gold/Steel

Teaching is not for the faint of heart. Students can be quite disrespectful and often complain about things that a teacher has little control over. I had someone complain to me today that I can’t expect more of him because he is a more advanced student and that to grade him according to his abilities is unfair. I don’t see how students can expect to improve if I don’t continue to raise the bar. It perplexes me as to how I should handle his grading from now on. I think that everyone does not have the same skill set and to grade each student as an individual is not only fair, but necessary.

If you can’t stand the heat…get out of the graphics industry.