This is a notice to the cellular masses.

In this day and age, society has advanced communication technologies greatly. There is no need to call someone and leave a message on their voicemail saying, “Hi, it’s _______. Give me a call when you have a chance.”

Before they even dial their voicemail, they know you called. They know when you called. They know how how many times you called. Unless they don’t like you, owe you money or think you smell, most likely, they will call you back. When they do call you back it will be at their convenience. So you see the information contained in your message told them nothing they didn’t already know and cost them 14 cents.

The age of answering machines seemed to create a need in people to leave useless messages; mainly because sitcoms and the like preached to us about how rude it was to leave a “hang-up”. The good news is, “hang up”s are now a thing of the past. Little computer chips in our phones have become intelligent enough to not record the sound of someone hanging up the phone. Brilliant!

May I suggest that the user become as savvy as the technology. Let us no more record redundant information that someone must pay to retreive. Let us think of our fellow cellular users as people and tell them not who are, not that we called, but alas…WHY we called. And if you don’t have a good reason for calling, yet feel compelled to leave a message, for heaven’s sake BE FUNNY!

Here endeth the lesson.

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