Busy busy, sleepy sleepy

Blah blah blah. Same old thing. Everyday. Every year. My brain gets all mushy when I am this tired. And I can’t concentrate for crap, which is unfortunate because I usually am either: a) being paid to teach people something, or b) paying people to teach me something.

Hubby came into my class Monday to give my students a critique from a different perspective, because they hear mine everyday. He inspired one of my better students to really want to learn more about this industry. I really admire that my husband was able to reach this student on a passion level and talk to him about his craft. I haven’t been able to reach this student in a long while, and while I found that discouraging, I feel good about the fact that my husband was able to. It made me proud of that guy I married. He inspires me too. 🙂

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