Such a Deal!

Okay, I love a good deal. I am not one to buy things I don’t need but sometimes you just have to say, “Hell, when am I ever going to find something so cool for so cheap!?” So Sunday afternoon, hubby and I stopped into the local Target (which I just love anyway) to look for additional clearanced candles, to add to our collection. Well, we found several HUGE candles. I mean big, 7-8 lbs…BIG huge candles that are usually 40 bucks. The biggest one was on sale for $3.50, that’s right folks. Then we found some really cool large wicker baskets…$1.29 each! Oh my gosh! Needless to say we walked out with 6 huge candles and 9 baskets for $29.67! AMAZING!!! I love it!

Anyone need a basket?

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