Busy, but good.

This is how I would descibe my life, 85% of the time. The other 15% is either not busy or not good. For the most part I have a good time. I love my husband more than any other human on earth. He is perfect for me and I think I am good for him too. My job is fun, despite the frequent frustrations from above me and below me on the ladder. My health is ok, I don’t have the most energy in the world, but I rarely get sick, which I am grateful for. My family rocks! (And they can cook!) My friends are cool and funny and constantly entertaining with the kookiness they posess. My dog is a cute little schmoopsie and I love her cause she cuddles and a dog that doesn’t cuddle is a waste of fur. I am going to school for my Mater’s degree which is all of intimidating, hard, exciting and a fun challenge. I have an ever growing to-do list, but I squeeze in time for hugs and cuddles from my loved ones, and steal away a little time each week to call Ang to gab. I can cook pretty damn well if I do say so myself, and I like to despite the ease of dining out.

So life is good for me, how are you today?

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