That could mean many things.

It could mean my husband and I watch the show “Lost” and like it very much. (Which we do.)

It could mean I lost my credit card this week. (Which I did.)

It could mean that I lost out on the opportunity to see Paul McCartney in concert. (Which I did.)

It could mean my dog lost her collar and tags this week. (Which she did.)

It could mean in a book I read the main character loses her best friend to cancer. (Which she does.)

It could mean I lost my cool several times this week. (Which I did, and considering my losing trend, is somewhat understandable.)

It could also mean that I have lost all respect for our apartment complex which constantly tells us that they will be entering our apartment when we are not there, and upon making alternative arrangements for the dog, I arrive home and found that they have done nothing. (Which I have.)

It could also mean that I lost 5 pounds this week. (Which I did NOT.)


Chocolate Tao

That means yummy good chocolateness and good feelings I think 🙂 It’s the name of the wonderful dessert at Ziings that everyone that like chocolate must try. And so far the concensus has been the same. “Oh my Gosh!” is proclaimed after the very first bite each time. We also saw quite a few movies this weekend. Here are my comments:

Flight of the Phoenix – ok.
Ladder 49 – nah.
Guess Who – pretty darn funny.
Hotel Rwanda – Tragically sad, but very good.
Ocean’s 11 & 12 – Which I have seen both before. 12 is funny and fun to watch, but 11 I have to say is one of the greatest comedies of our generation. The performances rock, the cast is outstanding, and the writing is great. Certain memebers of my family (Dad) need to reconsider this film. The more I watch the better it gets, you must’ve been having a bad day or something. And the original O11, sucks bad, I really didn’t want that to be true, but oh my is it awful.

Okay, I’m done now. I had a good weekend, hope you did too.

Surrounded by Sound

We got a new stereo system which is not quite as fun as it sounds because we live in a 2nd story apartment and we like our neighbors. Oh well, it is nice to have more than 2 speakers and all. And I had no idea that sound was such a complicated thing. This system has approximately 7 gazillion sound settings that all sound just slightly different without really sounding better or worse. There is a whole chapter in the manual about these settings and between my husband and myself we could not pick a setting that we could say was better than any other. So for now the system rests on the “Auto” setting. Ah, auto, I love you so.

Random Quote of the day: “Never grow a wishbone, where your backbone ought to be.”
–Clementine Paddleford

That’s a wrap.

Well, today marks the end of my students’ 2 video productions that we have been shooting this week. 2 productions in one week is a lot by the way. I wouldn’t recommend it. All in all though, I think we have a lot of good footage and enough to edit something pretty decent. I am excited to see how these productions turn out in the end. Now it’s time to switch gears into post-production, which I love anyway. I may have to get in on the editing fun myself.

I am so glad it’s Friday. This week has me beat and I need to sleep in so very very badly. My house has been neglected as well. There is a bit of cleaning in store for me this weekend.

Haven’t cooked all week. Maybe I will make dinner. I miss it. Need to grab some groceries though.

White Noise

I am a person who likes to have the tv on in the background when I’m doing, well, just about anything. It’s odd for me when things are all quiet. I don’t really put music on much. In most cases I tune it out and constantly have to pretend it’s not on so I can think clearly. But tv is different for me. I go about doing whatever needs to be done, watching intermittently, but not at all interrupted (unless something really compelling is on). So this is what I do. Pretty much daily.

Although sometimes, I will not turn the tv on and do something in the silence. Most times I find it enjoyable for a time. It’s not something I could do all day, but often, when I am alone. I like to be still and just think. Not like that’s a bad thing. I really should do it more often. The odd thing about it is everytime I engage in my quiet time, I find it surprising that I have enjoyed it so much.

Shh. Don’t tell my hubby, he hates the tv and will make me turn it off. :op


Okay, so I’m old. I am so over it as long as I get to go back to the wonderful spa my husband sent me to for my birthday. Oh my gosh, it was the best, most relaxing experience I have had in a very long time. It made it even better that my friend, Ang, was along for the ride. She’s a very dedicated mother who hasn’t been away from her two kids for almost 3 years. If you have a Burke Williams near you, go try it, you’ll thank me. It was the most luxurious experience of my life (Ang too, as we kept saying such to each other repeatedly.) I won’t go into every detail, but I’ll just say it’s worth every single penny. (If you want the skinny, email me 🙂

My birthday was great! Friday night we had a little get together at PF Chang’s, which is always good. And getting to hang out with my friend Ang was lots of fun, since I really haven’t been able to for about 6 or 7 years. Catching up and getting to show someone new around SoCal is just great fun!

Thanks to all my buds who showed up for my B’day dinner, and thanks for the cool stuff.

(BTW: Sin City although interesting in style, was not so much my kind of movie as it was very violent, and not recommended herein.)