Chocolate Tao

That means yummy good chocolateness and good feelings I think 🙂 It’s the name of the wonderful dessert at Ziings that everyone that like chocolate must try. And so far the concensus has been the same. “Oh my Gosh!” is proclaimed after the very first bite each time. We also saw quite a few movies this weekend. Here are my comments:

Flight of the Phoenix – ok.
Ladder 49 – nah.
Guess Who – pretty darn funny.
Hotel Rwanda – Tragically sad, but very good.
Ocean’s 11 & 12 – Which I have seen both before. 12 is funny and fun to watch, but 11 I have to say is one of the greatest comedies of our generation. The performances rock, the cast is outstanding, and the writing is great. Certain memebers of my family (Dad) need to reconsider this film. The more I watch the better it gets, you must’ve been having a bad day or something. And the original O11, sucks bad, I really didn’t want that to be true, but oh my is it awful.

Okay, I’m done now. I had a good weekend, hope you did too.

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