That could mean many things.

It could mean my husband and I watch the show “Lost” and like it very much. (Which we do.)

It could mean I lost my credit card this week. (Which I did.)

It could mean that I lost out on the opportunity to see Paul McCartney in concert. (Which I did.)

It could mean my dog lost her collar and tags this week. (Which she did.)

It could mean in a book I read the main character loses her best friend to cancer. (Which she does.)

It could mean I lost my cool several times this week. (Which I did, and considering my losing trend, is somewhat understandable.)

It could also mean that I have lost all respect for our apartment complex which constantly tells us that they will be entering our apartment when we are not there, and upon making alternative arrangements for the dog, I arrive home and found that they have done nothing. (Which I have.)

It could also mean that I lost 5 pounds this week. (Which I did NOT.)


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