Not Quite a Princess

This week I have been working overtime for a very nice lady from the Interior Design department. She asked me to give her students a crash course in Photoshop for a week. So I am doing it, it’s going fine, but I am exhausted.

So I get home last night, say hi to the hubby and the dog and crawl into bed, half asleep before my head hits the pillow. Christopher starts giggling and says, “Even though you’re not a princess, hunny, I love you anyway.” And I was like, “What? Princess, huh?” And he says, ” You know the princess and the pea, and the matress thing.” So then I think okay, that must mean something’s in the bed somewhere, so I feel under the pillow and there’s something that feels like a dvd set. So I turn on the light to find that my hubby bought me season 2 of ER. Cool! So I hug and kiss him and say thanks.

“So why did you get season 2?”
“It was on sale.”
“Oh. Cool.”

I turn off the light and get back into bed, after a few seconds of silence he says, “You know, the toothfairy might have left you something, too”

So I feel under the pillow again, and there’s another one, so I turn the light on again to find that he bought season 1 also, yay!

Hugs, kisses, thanks.

Light off, then I say “I am SO not a princess.” haha.

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