I am feeling much better today. Having the occasional hacking fit and my nose runs every so often, but other than that I am the picture of health. Well maybe not health but hey I’ll take it, I feel great!

Still Sick

This little bug will not leave me, it just keeps changing like I am not going to recognize it or something. I am starting to get antsy because I have been letting things pile up around me as I lay ill. So I am pushing onward today come hell or high phlegm.


I am still feeling poopy or a slight variation thereof on a daily basis. It’s not a horrible illness, just the annoying mini-bug that won’t quit. And today my nose is running and I am getting that oh-so-lovely watery eye thing that makes it look like I am crying all the time. People keep asking if I am okay which is another part of being sick that I hate. Must the illness show through to the outside? Boo.


I feel pretty out of it today. Had a rough night, couldn’t stay asleep. Now my throat is all tight and sore and I have that dreamy feeling, but not in a good way. I would love to curl up in a ball for a day or two. Might have to take it easy tomorrow even though I am already lagging on my summer goals. Sometimes you just can’t push any more. Your body puts on the breaks before you even get a chance to complain.

3rd Time

I really hope third time is the charm this morning. So far things aren’t going so well and I am on my 3rd attempt at making a pot of coffee here at work. I need my coffee in the morning, and today is just not looking like my day. See, we have this big industrial coffee maker that always keeps the water hot so you can just hit “Brew” and presto…coffee. Well someone thought they should unplug it over the weekend cause people are brilliant and leave the pot on the warmer all day trying to start a fire. But today no one turned it back on and I brewed 2 pots of cold coffee already, so I am hoping the next will be what I need to get through the day.


Even though I am sleepy, we had a good weekend. Went to my parents for the long weekend. My uncle and cousins were in town. Got to have a little musical jam fest which is always fun. Of course there was a great deal of good food, which goes without saying in my family. And just some good old fashioned down time. Very nice.

Other than that I am enjoying not taking any classes this summer and having a little time off from the grind. Even though I still have to work, it feels like a vacation. Can’t wait until I am done with my Masters.

And last but not least, a big congrats to Manda, my fellow CSUF alumn. Way to go kiddo! We are so proud of you.