Hot Days

You know, I only have so much time left before my world gets crazy again. So now I am starting to panic. My neat little list of summer goals has not been properly reduced by active accomplishing as I hoped it would. I’ve jumped into the wonderful world of filing which could take me the rest of my natural born life, it seems. We haven’t really filed anything in the last 5 years or so. Eeshk. It’s amazing how much crap you acquire. and now I am sifting through our old files and saying to myself, “I don’t even need this anymore” to a good 40% of the papers I touch. Ah well, what a way to enjoy the heat. If it weren’t so damn hot I’d say let’s have a bon fire.

In other news, Manda came over last night. It was quite enjoyable. We ate and played Monopoly, which I must say, I have never in my life finished a game until last night. Manda was the big winner, but she was very nice when I didn’t have any money to pay her.

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