Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Work

“Whaddya mean who’s flyin’ the plane? Nobody’s flyin’ the plane!”

Wow, I’ve never felt a movie line to be so true. Things are a little odd in the workplace today. There are people disappearing left and right. And I just realized that all the people I go to when I have a problem are all gone. So what am I supposed to do if something goes awry?

It would be lovely if they had a meeting to tell us all what the heck is going on. Instead, we get 2 line emails that really don’t say much.


Oh, and Happy Late B-Day to Manda…much happier about that little tidbit than the rest of this post.

Good mornin’, good mooornin’

It’s been a long, stressful week. I am so glad that today is Friday. These days Friday just means that I have 2 days off from work (my job), but no real break from actual “work”. Oh well. I’ll take it.

Yes, the title is a throw back to Singin’ in the Rain, which I just watched for the first time yesterday. No really. I know that’s a miracle, being that I love old movies and musicals. It’s was pretty good. At times, it was much funnier than I had anticipated. Then there is this really long musical number toward the end that makes no sense at all. My teacher and I specualted that perhaps the movie was not running long enough.

Anyhoo, that’s about all I want to talk about. 🙂

Have a good day, everyone.


I seem to be digging myself out of piles of work lately. I just keep shifting stuff around and assessing the piles with a keen eye. Only to find out that my assessment in inadequate and more time must be dedicated to each pile. I hope my life turns out to be under one of these piles. Or maybe when all the piles go away (yeah right!) I’ll be able to spot my life in the absence of piles. Ah…a pile-less life. What a beautiful little dream.

Give me a break…

No really, I think i will be saying that for the next few months until my Master’s degree is complete. There is so much work set before me this term that all I can really do is take it one week at a time. Not counting all of the reading (100+ pages per week), I will write over 85 pages this term for papers short and long, plus 3 in-class presentations, 4 exams, and 2 projects. Sheesh.

Anyway, on a happier note. I was just talking to one of my students about the film, “The Upside of Anger”. It’s a really good little flick. I think the writing is great and even though these folks are not the happiest crew around, it is really funny. Every time I see Joan Allen in another film, I am convinced of what a great actress she is. So this is my movie recommendation of the week. Everybody else is renting Monster-in-Law or Fever Pitch, so you go rent something different 🙂 Rock the boat!